Online Business Ideas you can take advantage of in 2020

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Number of internet users is growing significantly every year. Taking the Canadian example, the number of internet users in 2025 is projected to reach 34.72 million. Significant increase from what it was in 2015, which was only 30.51 million.

People are accessing internet from wherever they are from their computers and mobile devices without any barriers. Businesses are always busy studying where people are and where they will be in the coming months or years and plan their business models accordingly. If we say more and more people are coming online that would mean businesses are working hard to establish their online presence and their sales online. This can be confirmed from the eCommerce growth data for Canada of Statista.

The eCommerce revenue in 2017 was 21.975 billion in US $ and that same revenue is projected to reach 36.423 billion in US $ in 2024.

What both trends in internet use and eCommerce revenue show is there will be tremendous opportunities for online businesses in the coming years. The earlier we start to engage ourselves in the digital business chances are that we will register significant growth in the coming 4 to 5 years.

This article will see the some of the online business ideas that people are currently generating income from and are more likely to contuse expanding in the future.

1. Writers

If you are good writer or you take writing as a hobby then the following business ideas are for you:

Blog about the subject you love and satisfy your writing hobby while at the same time earn some money. Audiences would like to hear your stories and experiences and naturally get engaged with your blogs. While blogging you can sell your won products, monetize your blog for their party ads or you can refer traffic to the site you affiliate with.

Publish a book on Amazon to take advantage of their marketing and distribution system. You can also sell your books through your own online store. To save printing expenses you can publish your book on eBook format. The shipping, storage and packaging costs go direct to the pockets of your customers.

Copyrighting can bring you decent income if you are an expert writer. Language competency, appropriate tone and basic SEO knowledge are required for this business. Textbroaker and Greatcontent are some examples of sites that you can get copyrighting jobs as a starter. These can help you to excel your writing skills while earning some money.

Technical Writing

If you have technical knowledge of certain machinery, devices, furniture then you can start writing for big companies technical description, assembly and/or maintenance procedures for their products.

2. Software business

If your coding skills are good enough and /or you are a tech savvy then you can do the following online businesses:

Website Developer. If you have a talent for designing website and html coding you can create a wide variety of attractive templates for different purposes. You can sell theses templates at sites such as Themeforest and TemplaleMonster earn good money.

Saas and App developer. You must study certain problems are facing and develop an SaaS or app solution for that problem. People will be willing to pay for an Saas or an app that really solves the problems they have. This business is ideal for people with good coding skills.

Chatbot business. Cahtbots are now almost on every eCommerce websites. Companies are increasingly relying on chatbots in an effort to automate some of their marketing and Sales. They can answer the most common questions and guide clients to navigate their sites without problems with the help of the chatbots. Good understanding of certain niche business combined with coding skills can earn you a living by selling chatbots online. PandoraBots, Chatfuel, Botsify, ChatterOn are some examples of chatbot builders.

Buy and Sell Domain names. People buy domains from the host sites at a cost price and sell them later on at a profit. To understand this business one has to visit domain name auction sites, and

3. Marketing and advertising

Influncer marketer was once for famous people and celebrities who are active on social media platforms. Due the involvement of these high income people with a number of sponsored brands businesses are now looking for less popular influencers to recommend their products to their followers for more natural marketing. If you are very active on social media and have amassed thousands followers then this is business is for you.

Affiliate marketing is a way you can get paid commission for referring traffic and/or leads to the website of certain businesses. You recommend your audience to buy a product/s that you are familiar with or conducted a research on. Some companies that pay good commission are Amazon, eBay, Wix, Hubspot, Coursera, BigCommerce, SEMRush and many others. Basic knowledge of SEO and copyrighting is required here.

Market researcher. Business usually conduct intensive market research to identify the target market and gather customer feedback on their products. The research is also required to learn from competitors. To do this you need to be familiar with market research procedures and market research tools such as Google Keyword tool, Sample size calculator, Social Mention, R Studio and Stats IQ.

Ad Management. Digital marketing and digital advertising is on the rise. Paid ads usually complex and difficult to analyse their results if you don’t understand how they work. Companies are competing for ad spaces on the web, Instagram, Facebook, google and other search engines. While the big companies have dedicate team to manage their ads, small companies usually outsource the ad management to third party company or freelance experts.

Consulting is another lucrative online business which all start up and small businesses are on the look out. Businesses need consultancy right from establishing web presence, promoting their brands and tracking.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is all about making your web content compatible to search engines like google, Bling, Yahoo and others. 40% of people click the three top most search results while 91% do not go beyond the first page. Business usually pay good some of money for SEO experts to make their brands appear on top of the search engine result pages.

4. eCommerce

You can easily make your own site using site builder such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and others. Once your site is establish you can start making money with limited investment through Dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

Clothing line. If you are good at designing clothes and have allocated enough time then you can start your own clothing company from scratch. Product sourcing apps like Oberlo, Printify and Printiful automatically connect your to apparel printers and clothing manufacturers. They also handle the retailing and shipment for you.

Dropshipping Store. Handling and stocking inventory is usually labor intensive and needs significant investment. Dropshipping a good way to get out of this. All you have to do is list the products on your site and once an order is received you initiate delivery direct from the retailer. You sell higher than what is the retailer is charging you for the items to get your profit.

Thrift Store can work for you if you are the kind of person who likes searching and collecting old valuables. You can collect and sell second hand clothing, household items, appliances, toys books online. At times the profit margin can be high and you can earn good money.

Sell Products on eBay after buying them cheap when they are on sale. Buying cheap will always help you to sell with profit.

Vacation Rental business you can do niche specific varieties of AirBnB or Home away (vrbo). It will requires some investment in software solutions. Web presence and marketing are key skills required.

5. Sell Arts online

Handmade goods. If you have unique handmade goods that have universal or local appeal then you can start selling them on eCommerce sites like Etsy, ArtFire and others.

Graphic designs include webpages, Sales Pages, logos, inforgraphs and many other visuals. If your are a visual thinker go for this business. Some sites where you can sell your graphic designas are Feverr, DevianArt, BigCartel, and Zazzle.

Photos. Your photography passion can earn you good money by selling unique image collections. Sites like Shutterstock and Ftolia offer attractive incentives for passionate photographers who spend their time shooting photos.

6. Education and service

Business Coaching. If your are an expert in business and very knowledgeable about the trends of market forces then business coaching entrepreneurs and business owners can be a good source of wealth for you. Frank Ken, Anthonly Robbins and Oliver Talamayan are some example of very successful business coaches.

Webinars are online seminars or events arranged by the hot to discuss a certain topic of interest usually associated with a brand. Webinars are good for creating leads that easily convert into customers. It is much easier to sell your product that you offer to participants at the end of a Webinar.

Online Teaching on the subject that your have accumulated knowledge and expertise can earn you a decent income while at the same you get the moral satisfaction on helping others to succeed. Quite a number of people are surfing the web on daily basis looking for knowledge. Your knowledge is the biggest investment here, then you have to develop structured course material. To make it more engaging it is good practice to include, video, photo and/or infographic descriptions.

Virtual Assistant we can call this an online secretary. They perform tasks that the traditional administrative assistants or secretary do but they work from wherever the WiFi is available. You can do this from home while looking after your kids or on your spare time few hours a day.


You can podcast/Vlog/ make You tube video for educational and entertainment purposes. At the same time, you can monetize your channel with AdSense or other options and make money from advertisers. You can also use these channels to sell your own products.


The skills you have combined with some marketing and advertising ideas can bring good source of income. With some effort you can always learn on how to bring yourself or your business online. Not only that you must reach your targeted customers and they should be able to easily find you on search engines. Creating great content and make their sites compatible to search engines is how many people scored big success online.

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